Now presenting… MAROON BELLS

Maroon Bells are the most photographed mountains in all of Colorado. Our bus driver told us on the shuttle to the scenic area. And for GOOD. ASS. REASON.

The Maroon Bells are two mountains, Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, that look like bells! They are maroon/purple in color, because they are made of mudstone, instead of the typical granite and limestone found in many other mountains in the Rockies. I read this online, and sharing here so you don’t have to!
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Twin Lakes, Colorado

Introduction note: I am going to try pretty hard not to get lapped chronologically on my blog posts. I am currently in June of 2017… and it is currently June of 2018… so get ready for some PHOTOGRAPHS!

Before June 2017, I had been to Twin Lakes before, briefly. When I visited Kristen in May of 2015, we drove along 70 to Glenwood Springs and hiked Hanging Lake!!!(why haven’t I posted about this yet?)!!! The next day we went down to Aspen, and on our way back out of the mountains, we drove through Twin Lakes. But it was mainly that, we just drove through.
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Great Sand Dunes National Park in a day

The month is June 2017. Summer is approaching as Amy returns from a small trip back to Pennsylvania for a work conference and her birthday. Anxiety and the need to travel creep in like they do just about every weekend that’s calling for nice weather.

Ok enough of that strange narrative speak… but that’s the scene as I approached the first weekend in June last year, and I had a list of places I wanted to explore in Colorado. One of them was the last of the 4 national parks in Colorado that I had yet to visit: Great Sand Dunes National Park.
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My version of self care

The term ‘self care’ is so corny to me, but at the same time… what else would you call it? You’re taking care of yourself; paying attention to yourself, giving yourself confidence and love, and making time to treat yourself. That’s care, baby. And I’ve really embraced the idea of it in the last few months weeks. I wish it was months, but I guess it took awhile for the idea I’ve been hearing forever to stick with me.

please enjoy my feeble attempt to bring in a visual component to self care
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2017 in Numbers & Souvenirs

What a surprise, I went awhile without a post. Since this is my first time writing in 2018, I wanted to first wrap up 2017. In the first few weeks of the new year, I’ve spent a lot of time alone and I’ve done some reflecting on the last year and what it meant to me. It was a pretty big year.
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