Explaining Explore

Exploring is my favorite to do.

The section for explore is for all the adventures I’ve been on, am currently on, are about to have (either in real life or just in my head). I’d love this to be my biggest section, because traveling and adventures are literally. all. I. think. about.

Just the word explore is delightful. To me, the world is all about exploring. Visiting funky museums, going to new places on the coldest day of the year, seeing the weird statues on the side of the road in the middle of Nebraska… if you aren’t exploring, you’re not seeing the world. And there is an OVERWHELMING amount of things to see in this world.

Eventually, I’m going to break it down into recent trips, some throwbacks from pre-blog trips, maybe an advice section… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.










Here are some snippets of my exploring and adventures. With a recent move to Colorado, there are tons more coming! Feel free to share which picture is your favorite, any recommendations, or what adventures you feel connected with along the way!

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