Explaining Sustain

Thanks for making your way to Sustain! This holds a special place in my heart. The environment means so much to me and I am just really interested in making sure the Earth continues to be green, beautiful, and thriving once I’m long gone.

I’m so happy that the whole world is waking up to the importance of our Earth, conservation of natural resources, and more sustainable behavior. With two environmentally-focused minors, tons of classes, and a few internships dedicated to the environment, I have a lot I want to share.

So, the section is all about sustainability. Green tips I’ve learned along the way (and continue to learn!), the best things I’ve learned from higher education and the environment, ways to ‘green’ the way you do things like travel, camp, shop, and eat (and how this actually saves you money), and maybe more!

Mainly, I have a lot to say about our earth. Nature makes things better. I spend all the time I can outside with beautiful trees and lakes and flowers and even the little bugs. It helps me shake some anxiety and sadness when I need to. I don’t want to lose it! So I need to dedicate a section to trying to teach others and hopefully convince them to make some positive behavior change.

Here are some recommendations to get things started…

1.  Ride a damn bike.

2. Use public transportation – sometimes get the whole thing to yourself!

3. Go on fun fall walks instead of drives. You can see more colors that way!!!


4. Wind power is awesome. I don’t have a great tip for this one, just support wind power I guess. Buy a wind turbine!


5. Hike with pals in the amazing state of Washington (or anywhere else).


6. GO TO NATIONAL PARKS AND KEEP OUR COUNTRY BEAUTIFUL! If you go to and support our parks, they can be around forever.




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