Explaining Listen 

Ugh. MUSIC. IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THAN MUSIC? Honestly, I have so much to say about music. I have so much to FEEL about music.

There are those certain artists, albums, songs, even just ONE LINE from a song that poke you right in your heart. I am convinced when that happens, it is music reaching into your soul. This is one of those phenomena things in life that is unexplainably perfect and makes me cry when I think about it. I cry about things.

I want to share my music taste, maybe what I’m listening to each week. I feel like that’s too ambitious, let’s say each month. I want to talk about LIVE music. God damn that’s something. Movie soundtracks, those albums that someone align with my person completely and I can listen to start to end a million times, lyrics that have stuck with me throughout the years…. let’s do it all.

Also, I wanted to highlight some of the books, tv shows, movies I’m into… but I just don’t have as much to say about them. So they might make their way into this section from time to time.

If you’re seeing this for the first time and wondering what I’m talking, refer to my first post. Posts explaining other sections here and here!





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