Explaining Be Lame

Okay. Admittedly, my be lame section comes last because it’s the biggest work in progress. You guys get what I mean when I say be lame, right? It’s such a good thing. I have trouble expressing it all but I want to try because this notion means so much to me.



I have never cared what people think. To the point where it’s not necessarily a good thing; I sometimes actually fail to recognize that there is judgment happening towards me / don’t always pick up on social cues. It’s not really a deliberate refusal, my brain basically fails to allow this to happen sometimes.


But for the most part, I think it’s great. I think it is a wonderful thing about me. I’ve been told by a few people it’s something they admire about me, and that’s truthfully one of my favorite compliments in the world. I think everyone should be and love who they are. I love to hear about the weird, dorky things about people – those lame things MAKE a person. Ugh they’re just so good.


Anyway… this section will be a cluster of those ideas. My thoughts on being lame. Ideas about others’ lameness. I might try to interview people to highlight their inner lamey-ness. I want to dive into my tweets and explain some of them. Stay tuned, this one’s gonna get wild.

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