The other side… Grand Lake, CO!

Since moving to Colorado, things have been kind of hectic. I guess it comes with the territory of moving across the country, not having a home once you arrive out there, a car accident, figuring out two new job arrangements… ya know, small stuff. BUT! I moved to Colorado to go on adventures, so the first weekend after we got into our new apartment, Kristen (dear sister, owner of Skyward Eyes, general kookball) and I decided to go on a darn adventure.

Rocky Mountain National Park is pretty popular. With 4,155,916 visitors in 2015, it was the 3rd most visited national park last year. So like I said, pretty popular. But with the east side of the park being so much closer to Denver/Boulder/any type of metropolitan area, that’s where most visitors hang out. The west side is a helluva lot quieter and calmer, so that’s where we ventured! Specifically, a wee little town called Grand Lake.

We woke up early Saturday morning, drove about 2 hours through the pretty early-Autumn sights of the famous Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP. In case you were wondering, I saw no moose. But we did spot 2 marmots.




On the other side, we arrived at Grand Lake. It is, ummm, how do I say this…. AMAZING. Grand Lake is a mountain town right at the entrance to the west side of RMNP, with little shops and eateries, a big, beautiful lake (very surprisingly, this lake is called Grand Lake), and views of tree-covered mountains.







We did a small hike to Adams Falls and hung around town before heading back to our campsite for the night. There was a small little toddler named James who was truly a riot. It dropped down to about 33 degrees at night. It was cold. Luckily we were well prepared with tons of layers!img_0918


The next morning, with FROST ON THE GROUND, we started on our 6 mile hike to the gooooorgeous Cascade Falls along the North Inlet Trail.




Let me tell you, it was a good-looking trail. The first mile or so was a breezy walk through meadows and aspens before the climb began.







We arrived after about 2 hours of hiking and the falls were DEFINITELY, appropriately, cascading. It was super refreshing to dip our feet in the cool water, to eat pretzel nuggets with the mist hitting us in the face, and to admire old couples that made it up while holding hands (a little rude of them to brag, but whatever).

Cascade Falls was a hike worth doing, especially in the beginning of fall when the crowds were thinning out and the colors were starting to change. Miss it already.

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