You’re so lame.

Oh hello. So I figured I would expand on the name of the blog.

Lamey is my nickname. If someone calls me lamey, or some close variation, they automatically go up in my book. (I have a book). It started as a joke – I created an Instagram way back in 2012, and thought it was funny that my name (Amy) rhymed with Lame…y. Not really a word, but I went with it. It’s kind of self-deprecating, but in a silly way, which is right up my alley. But then people started.. actually… calling me that. Somehow it became a joke to call me Lamey instead of Amy, BUT THEN THE JOKE PART KIND OF FADED AWAY AND PEOPLE JUST CALLED ME LAMEY. It’s so odd. But I love it.


More recently, I thought about what it meant to be lame.  Before you never want to hear that word again due to excessive repetition on my end, think about what that word means to you. Did you? Ok I’m waiting.

To me, being lame is synonymous with expressing yourself, being free to be your true self, and being REAL. So I wanted to build off that. It’s not negative; it’s more about exploring your inner lameness and finding what it means to be you, despite what anyone else in the world thinks. So you like cartoons still. Oh, and you read books on mythology for fun. Sometimes you play chess for no reason except to be better at chess and you have this THING where you just want to be better at chess. 



These are things people might consider to be lame, and society makes fun of. Right? But who gives a fuuuuck.  I’ve always found the lame things about people incredibly endearing. I love to learn about what makes a person ‘lame’. And I love the things that make me lame. 



I have a lot of thoughts. For the most part, they are lame. I am a lame person. Whatever. I can deal with it. Not only can I deal with it, I feel like I want to express these things on a public platform, dedicated to the lameness.

So here I am.

For the most part, a lot of my lameness stems from my family. We are a group of weirdos. But I really like how weird, silly, and dorky we can be when we’re all together (and not yelling at each other). We bought a stone at our local library that reads BOOKS 4EVER so that should be pretty telling. I just like my family. So I’m dedicating my first real Be Lame post to the lameness of the famsquad. Hit me up for any of our Twitter handles.







That’s all. Contact me if you’re lame and want to be lame with me!


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