TBT to Seattle

dsc_0429I’m going back to Seattle this weekend! It’s crazy to think it’s only been about 7 months since I was last in Seattle… feeling pretty lucky right about now to be going to such a fantastic city twice in one year!!!!

I recently heard on a podcast that you can’t really develop your true feelings about a place until you go twice, when the fancy fun newness wears off. While I still feel like I’ll be enamoured and excited by all the unknown, I feel like I’ll be able to REALLY experience Seattle this time.

The first time around, I headed to Seattle after a long weekend in San Diego and a brief stop in Los Angeles. While I am forever appreciative of my stays with Alicia and Alex while in sunny southern California… I was ready for some clouds.dsc_0194dsc_0256

So I traveled up the coast to crash a boys weekend with Davis and Logan to see our dear friend Kevin. And it was UNBELIEVABLY LIT. First we did a great hike in outskirts of Seattle and it was just a sea of lush, wet, green beauty.dsc_0207dsc_0234 dsc_0238 dsc_0260  img_5589 dsc_0271img_5626dsc_0265img_5604 dsc_0313 dsc_0337 dsc_0373 dsc_0376

The next few days, we did a bunch of tourist-y things and saw what Seattle ~had to offer~. Some boys with way taller legs than me and I explored the city, got a tour from Kevin’s company (you may know it, a small organization by the name of Amazon), saw the Space Needle!!!, and wandered around the famous Pike Place Market. We got tons of sun and blue skies, too!img_5684 img_5693img_5688 img_5697 dsc_0413 dsc_0416 dsc_0420 img_5702img_5735 img_5766img_5757 img_5768img_5672

With a trip to Portland added into a long weekend, we didn’t have TOO much time in Seattle, but we definitely jammed a lot of great stuff into those days and it was enough for me to fall completely in love with the gosh darn Emerald City. I can’t wait to go back with new pals this weekend!

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