The drive back from SW CO

Remember when I went to Telluride? Well I had to come back eventually. Our drive back on Sunday of the long weekend was set up to be a long day of driving, but with stops along the way to make it as manageable as possible.

When your stops including Crested Butte, Monarch Pass, and driving along the San Juan Skyway, things are definitely manageable.img_1879

First, we drove through Curecanti National Recreation Area. The name alone should have you hooked. But check this shit out. HAVE YOU SEEN WATER THIS BLUE BEFORE? Okay, maybe I have too. I get excited. It was very nice.dsc_0536dsc_0624 dsc_0542dsc_0537 dsc_0547 dsc_0558 dsc_0598 dsc_0615

We had some peaceful moments upon cliffs and kept trucking. After a bit, we arrived at our most anticipated stop: Crested Butte. I repeat…. CRESTED. BUTTE. In case you have your head in a can in the middle of the ocean and haven’t heard of CB, I will elaborate (I’m only kidding I recently learned all this).

Crested Butte is the world’s cutest mountain town, with a population of about 1500 people. More than 1500 people went to high school with me. Wikipedia tells me it is now called “the last great Colorado ski town”, and Heidi Montag weirdly grew up here. It’s just the best wee little community town.dsc_0687dsc_0649dsc_0708dsc_0726dsc_0731dsc_0736dsc_0701dsc_0710dsc_0693 dsc_0691 dsc_0716dsc_0683 dsc_0669

After a difficult tshirt buying experience, we were on the road again. Did you guys know the Continental Divide (which splits water to either Atlantic or Pacific Oceans) runs through Colorado? And luckily for us, that means cool Continental Divide passes to drive over. People bike these passes, btw. These people are insane. We drove over the famous Monarch Pass, which my coworker told me is one of the most scenic of passes.dsc_0778 dsc_0781 dsc_0783 dsc_0786I have such graceful descents.dsc_0802 dsc_0807
It is has a scenic tramride – the oldest in the state, providing unparalleled panoramic views!!! So of course it had closed for the season about a week before we got there. But still, very lit.dsc_0777

Then we were set off for home, cruising through the San Juan Skyway. If you’re looking for a scenic byway to drive through during a beautiful fall day… this is for you.dsc_0813 dsc_0818 dsc_0822 dsc_0826 dsc_0842

Besides getting stuck in a massive line of traffic, the rest wasn’t so bad! Lots of driving packed into 3 days, but worth the views and adventures for sure. See ya soon, Southwest Colorado.

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