A few hours in Albuquerque

Hot Peppers

As mentioned in a previous balloon-focused post, my sister and I had to rearrange and changed our plans in New Mexico. We originally wanted to stay at balloon festival all day, but after some poor weather and a closer look at the day’s schedule, it didn’t seem promising. So instead, we spent exploring the city of Albuquerque!

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta did us dirty tho

It’s a strange little city, but it’s definitely filled to the brim with culture and color. The vibrance of the city was pouring out of every corner – old theaters, restaurants, all the murals – and I really appreciate that shit.

Building Mural

Hot PeppersAlso, these dried peppers were everywhere. For decoration. Thinking about adding some to my apartment…

Quinceañera feelz


Old Town Albuquerque was hard to find… but once we got there, it was really something else.


Little guys


Then we were really tired! So we slumbered at a fabulous adult beverage-included airbnb. Peace out, New Mexico.

One thought on “A few hours in Albuquerque”

  1. It’s fun to see impressions and pictures from visitors to Albuquerque. Thank you for the post from Balloon Fiesta and your city excursion. ‘Burque may be quirky but it’s filled with culture, amazing people, and beautiful scenery.

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