The Emerald City, Round 2

I cannot say enough good things about Seattle. It is creeping towards the top of my list of favorite places to go. It’s just a neat city; relaxed enough but still very metropolitan, weather is just my speed (it’s not THAT rainy), tons of culture and interesting history and fun things to do… just a cool cool coooooool place.

I visited Kevin again (Kevin Chen is amazing), but this time around, I had my sister and my good friends Ryan and Ian with me! I think I laughed 90% of the trip. It was just very pleasant; full of friends, kindness, adventures with perfect amount of downtime, and tons of cheese and crackers.

After an all-star brunch at Mecca Cafe (GO HERE), Kristen, Ian, Ryan, and I explored Seattle tourist-land while Kevin fixed an emergency at work.

I honestly could not tell you if this is the first Starbucks or not. We chose to believe it was.


After wandering around Pike Place Market, visiting my favorite store in the world aka Metsker’s Maps, and doing some good ol’ fashioned antique browsing, we went over to the piers to get all ~sub sea level~, which was weird since I’m normally a mile above it. It got cloudy and gloomy and it was in general very Seattle.

Saturday we went to Mount Rainier National Park (!!!), so stay tuned for a post about that in the next week or so. Somehow we managed 2 parties during the weekend, and then even more exploring on Sunday.

How comfy is Seattle in autumn???

Last day, a select few without work to do toured the Seattle Underground Tour, which is about 10000007% crazier than I thought it was going to be. This is my only cool picture: an old skylight that allows light into the passageways and walkways that exist under Seattle’s regular ground level. Weeeeeeird.

Aaaaand I leave you with this. Please tell me how Ian had both his hands up.

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