Dedication to RMNP in fall

I love Rocky Mountain National Park. Let me say it again for you. I. Love. Rocky. Mountain. National. Park!!!!!!! Especially in fall.


Since moving here in August, I think I’ve been to the park about 11 times. It’s just too good not to go on a weekly basis. With it only being about 45 minutes away, I don’t mind showing everyone who comes to visit the park… and I also don’t mind going on random Tuesdays just because. The fall weather is amazing; the colors change earlier, there is a lot of variability in temperatures and precipitation to keep things exciting, and it gets very very yellow. And the elk come out to play^^^

Here are some of my shots from different areas of the park!

Bear Lake:

Nymph Lake:

Dream Lake:

Emerald Lake:

Alberta Falls:

Sprague Lake:


Grand Lake:

Deer Mountain:

Wild Basin:

Alpine Visitor Center/Trail Ridge Road:
(Everyone was warm and having a great time.)

Chasm Falls:

I know that was a buttload of pictures! In conclusion, I love RMNP in fall.

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