Mount Rainier National Park!

After 2 visits and a whole lot of convincing, I finally got to Mount Rainier National Park. I had hoped to go during my March visit to Seattle, but bad weather stopped us from going. This time around, I made sure it was happening!!!! Despite some doubts about roads being open/the weather holding out, we trekked to the park early Saturday morning. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous, even that morning, that something was going to go wrong.

But like…. It didn’t. It was all great. Nothing went wrong. IT WAS AN AMAZING DAY.



It. Was. PERFECT. This park very very very very very much exceeded my expectations. I mean look at that mountain. Maybe it was because I was so anxious it was going to be a blizzard shitstorm and we would have to turn around and go home, maybe it was because I was with some of the best people I know, or maybe it was just because Mount Rainier National Park rocks.

Please look at these hooligans.

I asked my MRNP companions to give me a review of the day and what they thought about the park. I was expecting some silly answers that would add some flavor to the post… but everyone took it really seriously. I may have teared up a bit getting these responses. Please enjoy.

My boyfriends and me^^^

“Shit popped off with the nature and high as fuck altitude”
…and then later: “I just keep thinking you would hike 20 yards and look at the view and how beautiful it was and then hike another 20 and it would be even better.“
– Ian Macmillan

5 points if you can correctly identify the 5 of us

“I didn’t know much about Mt Rainier National Park before this trip to Washington. I’ve always had big dreams of visiting more well-known parks, like Glacier and Olympic and Grand Tetons, and MRNP was just never too high on my must-visit list. I’m so happy we decided to make the long drive from Seattle that Saturday, because MRNP may have jumped up to my #1 favorite national park that I’ve visited thus far.”
– Kristen Hopf

The behind the scenes look at Ian pretending to fall off a cliff

“I talk about the mt rainier hike with pretty much everybody I speak to. I tell people we kept stopping to look at these unbelievable views and they just continued to get more and more unbelievable as the day went on. It was a truly eye opening and breath taking experience that I hopefully/plan on doing again. ”
Ryan Vandorick

That day at rainier was close to if not the most perfect day I’ve ever had. Everything went great, the nature was absolutely stunning, and the company with me was a cherry on top of a delicious sundae.”
Kevin Chen

(Talk about a bunch of saps.)

Ugh. I said it about a hundred times during our trip, but this was the best day of my life (maybe). I am still now, almost a month later, in disbelief that a day this perfect existed in my life. The beauty of this park IS THE REAL DEAL.

I just cannot believe that things can be so good and great and happy and sweet sometimes. It makes me so hopeful for the future, ya know? Which is something I definitely need right now. I will definitely be back to explore Mount Rainier National Park and the Pacific Northwest again (Kevin please let me stay with you).

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