A mouthful of a national park: BCGNP

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. That’s probably the wordiest of national parks. Black Canyon of the Gunnison is also given the award of having the 13th fewest visitors each year. Only 183,045 visited in 2014, vs. 10,099,276 to the most visited (Great Smoky Mountains).

You’d think that would make the park remarkably less impressive than the others I’ve been to, but it was really really really impressive. I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon yet, but it felt pretty comparable. Just a black canyon, instead of a grand one.

A short 15 minute drive from our hotel in Montrose, where we were staying during our late September weekend trip to Telluride, Black Canyon kept surprising me. There were some of the deepest canyons I’ve seen in my short 23 yearlong life. It was pretty cloudy, but blue skies and sun kept peeking out, which made me pretty happy. The orange/red/brown/tan canyons, the different shades of green in the trees, the dark blue water, the fall flora; it was all killin’ the game.

Sometimes you don’t need millions of visitors to prove you’re a superstar national park, folks. Read more about BCGNP if ya wanna.

Pretending to fall into the canyon….

2 thoughts on “A mouthful of a national park: BCGNP”

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