A Coloradan Thanksgiving

Seeing as this was my first Thanksgiving away from home (ever!??!?), I thought I would share how we participated in the festivities this year. A trip to Utah was in the plans and was helping me avoid thinking about being sad and missing home and my family. After that was canceled, I started to feel some very real feelings of FOMO. But we decided to make the best of the long weekend, and I think we were successful!!!!

Thursday started with a morning hike, continued with a late afternoon, late autumn bike ride, and ended with our yummy homemade meal for two!

when ur too excited for food

Black Friday is usually a day for shopping madness, but I find it to be a crazy concept. Instead, Kristen and I woke up early and headed into the mountains! About 30 minutes into Boulder Canyon is Nederland, a wonderfully charming little mountain town. Nearby, we decided to hike up to Lost Lake. I find it extremely ironic that it took us about 45 minutes to find where we were supposed to park to start the hike to Lost Lake. LOST, WE WERE INDEED.

This hike topped any other day-after-Thanksgiving activity I could be doing and I think I’ll remember it forever. Right up there with Black Friday memories is the year I worked at Giant the day after Thanksgiving and absolutely no one food shops the day after Thanksgiving, so Tyler Ralston and I made capes out of receipt paper and ran around the registers to make them fly. Really the two events are tied.

We’re on the hunt for local coffee shops in the area, so we checked out a few this weekend. Photo cred to kristen for the Frida Kahlo photo.

Finished the weekend off with reading, errands, a pretty dusk-y run, and more Gilmore Girls binging (duh). I’m happy to have had the weekend to chill and explore locally, and I’m really happy about all the adventures coming up during the holidays! Stay tuned pals!

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