Philly touristing with the fam

We had family from Texas come to Philly this holiday season, and some of my cousins wanted to see the classic sights of Philadelphia. I was very down because A) I am a fan of being a tourist in your own city, why wouldn’t I like to see the things people from out of town come to see, and B) christmastime in the city is adorable as heck. I haven’t seen some of these places in years so it was very fun to see these jawns.

Independence HallIndependence Hall tower Independence Hall 5 FamIndependence Hall 3 Independence Hall 4 Independence Hall Grant Kelly Steven
Independence Hall 1

Liberty Bell:liberty bell 2 Dax 2 Liberty Bell 3 Liberty bell Skyline

City Hall & Christmas Village:PSFS City Hall 1 lights Dax lights Christmas Village Carosellights 2 Dilworth Park Christmas Village tree Love

It was really swell to be back in Philly and do some tourist activities in the good ol’ city of brotherly love. (And sisterly, too). I loved seeing all my friends and family and people I love so much over the holidays… back to CO this week!

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