Philly touristing with the fam

We had family from Texas come to Philly this holiday season, and some of my cousins wanted to see the classic sights of Philadelphia. I was very down because A) I am a fan of being a tourist in your own city, why wouldn’t I like to see the things people from out of town come to see, and B) christmastime in the city is adorable as heck. I haven’t seen some of these places in years so it was very fun to see these jawns.

Independence HallIndependence Hall tower

Independence Hall 5


Independence Hall 3

Independence Hall 4

Independence Hall Grant

Kelly Steven


Independence Hall 1

Liberty Bell:liberty bell 2

Dax 2

Liberty Bell 3

Liberty bell


City Hall & Christmas Village:PSFS

City Hall 1


Dax lights

Christmas Village Carosel

lights 2

Dilworth Park

Christmas Village tree


It was really swell to be back in Philly and do some tourist activities in the good ol’ city of brotherly love. (And sisterly, too). I loved seeing all my friends and family and people I love so much over the holidays… back to CO this week!

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