TBT: Joshua Tree National Park

I have now been to two national parks where I really had this overwhelming feeling that I was in a totally different world (I hope national parks continue to give me this sensation because it’s really cool). The first one was Badlands National Park, and the second, over 1200 miles southwest of it, was Joshua Tree National Park!


Keys View



This trip was made possible by the generosity of two of my favorite friends on the whole planet, Alicia and Alex. I’m pretty sure I wanted to go to Joshua Tree about 10x more than them, but I think (I hope!!!) they still really enjoyed the freakiness that was JT. I don’t think they read my blog, but Alex and Alicia – if you are reading this, I love you and I think you’re both amazing people and I like how our names all start with A and I think about how appreciative I am to both of you for this day on a semi-regular basis.

better landscape




my girl
Walking thru desert


I traveled to the west coast in March of 2016 and every part of it was a dream. After spending some time in San Diego, Alicia and I drove up to Palm Springs where her dad has a FANTASTIC home. Honestly I felt like I was living in a dream – besides the part where we couldn’t breath due to high spring pollen levels. Then the next day, we found Joshua Tree, about 45 minutes away from Palm Springs, and entered a… strange land.


I want my life to be where I camp in joshua tree and climb soft-looking dinosaur-like rocks

Kids frolicking
or where I am a kid FROLICKING UPON ROCKS forever

rock flowers


Keys View

newt guy

Amy Hidden Valley

Then Alex joined us and we made a lot of jokes about ranch while hiking in Hidden Valley, and took an awesome drive through the south end of the park and I loved everything. Alex said her friends took shrooms while at JT and I don’t think I would be able to handle that at all because I was freaking out enough already.


my other girl

Wind things



Joshua Tree, please stay weird until I come back.

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