January Blues (blues sold separately)

It’s the beginning of the month, so it’s time to share my monthly playlist! I don’t know if it’s been properly expressed yet so I will say it: I love music very much. New bands and releases, old songs that my parents love, nostalgic music that are from all parts of my life, groups that I feel a personal connection to… I am into it allllllllllll.

So I compiled all the songs that meant something to me in the month of January. This is actually really fun because when I listen to the playlist, hearing each song reminds me of what I was doing when I decided to add it or why it stuck out to me!

January was a goofy month – I spent the first half of the month basically exclusively listening to Saint Motel’s second album, saintmotelevision. It has affected my soul in a way that I could never have prepared for.

Then I dove into a lot of music that I listened to on: Spotify’s Discover Weekly, The Colorado Sound (CO’s public radio), and actually grabbing some new songs from tv shows like Gilmore Girls and Workaholics.

Then towards the end of the month, I swung into a very serious Green Day mood, thanks to a funny techno cover of She my brother showed me (also featured). I added some songs from the New Pornographers and Vinyl Theatre too, which are 2 bands I’ve been really getting into recently.

Lemme know what your favorite song was!

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