Small Town Colorado: Leadville, CO

One of the parts of Colorado that I’m enjoying the most is how every town kinda feels like a small town.

While there are certainly some considerably populated areas – it’s not like I’m living in like, Wyoming – every region is typically surrounded by open lands, tons and tons of cows, and big skies. Which makes them all seem pretty tiny and cute and endearing. And of course, there are actual tiny towns around the state, and they are particularly cute and endearing.

My first spotlight on a small town in Colorado: Leadville. A town 10,151′ up, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in not just Colorado, but in the UNITED STATES. It’s also the ONLY incorporated city in Lake County – so you have an idea of what’s going on in its surroundings. (Nothing).


We were on our way to New Mexico when we stopped at Leadville. 8 AM on a Friday in October proved to be a pretty dead time for Leadville – just about all the stores and restaurants were still closed. Still, we had a grand time exploring the small town and gawking at the mountain views all around.

We actually got the recommendation for Leadville from a cool Colorado couple on a gondola in Telluride (what an odd sentence…), after saying we were sad to miss some of the towns near Denver in their glory days. We wanted to see some of the mountain towns that still had their history and old-timey-feels. They were right – Leadville certainly looks like they haven’t changed much in the last few decades.

Look out for more small towns!

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