Mushy Galentine’s Day post

This is hard to admit but…. I love my friends.

I’m not a sappy, talk-about-how-much-i-love-you, huggy, overly emotional type of lady. Which kinda stinks, because I’m afraid it comes off as me not liking people as much as I do. But I really really really love my friends, specifically (for today) my gal friends. I swear to God, there are some people that I think about and my heart swells. I honestly feel my heart in my chest swelling. Hopefully not a medical issue?

Today is Galentine’s Day, an event that lovingly came from a tv character I’m often compared to (which floors and flattens me every time I hear it), Leslie Knope. I’m fart and I’m smunny and I’m a prize. I tossed around the idea of giving personal shout outs to the people that mean so much to me… but I figured we shouldn’t get carried away. Instead, I’ll post images of them here without their permission.

If you’re in here, there is no way in HECK that you could ever ever ever understand how much I adore you and how appreciative I am that you let me talk to you sometimes.

I think moving to Colorado, among many other things, has allowed me to recognize how much I love some of the people in my life. (Like, duh). But it’s really true! Being away from all my friends and family makes me reflect on what I adore about these sillyheads. I’m feeling very grateful today.


Happy Galentine’s Day ladies ❤ ❤ ❤

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