February’s playlist of musical music

It’s the beginning of the month, so it’s time to share my monthly playlist! I don’t know if it’s been properly expressed yet so I will say it: I love music very much. New bands and releases, old songs that my parents love, nostalgic music that are from all parts of my life, groups that I feel a personal connection to… I am into it allllllllllll.

So I compiled all the songs that meant something to me in the month of February. This is actually really fun because when I listen to the playlist, hearing each song reminds me of what I was doing when I decided to add it or why it stuck out to me!

A shorter playlist for a shorter month.

But, there are some gems in here. Still can’t let go of Saint Motel… but don’t worry I listened to other stuff too. Bad Suns, Project Bongo, and Diskopunk (Fire is literally FIRE) had me dancing this month. I also fell upon a band called My Name Is Ian which I am reeeeeeeally into.

ALSO: Restart by BNQT. So. Good. I heard it on the radio and later learned it’s a new band featuring members Band of Horses and of Franz Ferdinand??? That’s insane. Plus people from a bunch of other good bands. It’s such a jam.

Threw in some classics like Coldplay & Ryan Adams because A) they are amazing duh and B) they both put out some new music this February. And then of course the CLAAASSIC Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. Brought to you by the one hit wonder March Madness I’m doing. If you need to be revived today: One Direction’s cover.

Lemme know what your favorite song was!

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