beUTAHful landscapes!

The western part of our country is insanely and overwhelmingly beautiful. I guess this is obvious to a lot of people. But for a person who spent basically their whole life on the east coast, the beauty of this half of America continues to BLOW. ME. AWAY.

And despite doing MOST of my current traveling for the purpose of seeing new national parks, there are occasions where I see beauty in non-NPS lands! In our most recent trip to Utah, I learned something important: all of Utah is gorgeous. Not just the national parks! The whole state is just a giant land of natural beauty. Buttes, valleys, spires, mountains… it’s a place like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Utah just possesses this weird untouched natural loveliness and it’s so much different than the east coast. All of these western states do, but Utah stood out to me the most thus far! I can’t explain it very well but I’m trying to capture it in my photos. I feel so lucky to be in this space and consistently have this feeling where I can’t quite comprehend what my eyes are seeing and I can’t wait to keep exploring.

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