Said her name was Georgia Rose

This morning I spent time watching Harry Styles on SNL/reading his Rolling Stones article, which led me to feel nostalgic and watch a bunch of One Direction interviews and funny clips, and then I ended just listening to all their albums all afternoon and night. Basically I spent the day with One Direction. Honestly I wish I could explain the effect they have on my heart… BUT I CAN’T! It’s just too special. It seems trivial and teen-y and juvenile, but the amount I care about that is very much nothing at all.

In Harry’s interview, he actually spoke of his/1D’s audience… and again, it seems juvenile and silly, but it actually really stuck with me.

Like… right???? Who is making the decision that One Direction music is less credible or talented or able-to-be-listened-to-by-adults? It’s… good. Really good. You can hate them on principle, if you want, because they’re a boy band and you are absolutely above and better than boy bands, and the people who like them. But FYI you’re kinda missing out.

Anyway, I’m just going to share pictures of them because I love them so much and it’s my blog so I can do that.

And lastly, two great videos about Niall.

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