Earth Day Thoughts

It’s Earth Day again! How great is it that it comes around every year?

Today I went down to Boulder, and went to the Boulder March for Science rally (couldn’t find the actual march…), then supported some local businesses and farms at the Farmer’s Market! Going to plant my strawberries and lettuce plants in a little. Then I came back up and attended Longmont’s Earth Day festival – learned a great deal about Aldo Leopold and now subsequently love Aldo Leopold.

I have such a love for Earth Day. I mean, I just really love nature and parks and sustainability – so this day is really my type of thing, duh. I feel like I don’t celebrate/participate enough to show my adoration for the day; it was easier in school, where there were hosted events right there in front of you. While I attended events this year, I think next year I’m going to step it up. For now, I’ll make a few lists.

Things I’m happy about:

  1. Our national parks and the donations, cleanups, and education programs to help them
  2. Living across the street from a park
  3. The chance to ride my bike whenever I want
  4. Trees and flowers and plants
  5. Watching bunnies run around and play with each other
  6. Science and facts about the environment

Things I’m sad about:

  1. The current president’s lack of commitment to helping our planet
  2. Trash and damage I see in the national parks I visit
  3. Animal agriculture
  4. Cuts in government funding to the EPA and the Department of the Interior
  5. Ignorance, in general

Goals for the next year:

  1. Buy no new clothes (I started this in January 2017 – it’s not too hard!)
  2. Travel to 7 new national parks and appreciate their unique, natural beauty
  3. Do not buy coffee publicly without my reusable cup or I can recycle the cup I get
  4. Plan a Zero Waste Earth Day event next year
  5. Eat locally way more!
  6. Cut my meat consumption dramatically
  7. Get a job in sustainability/environment/urban agriculture industry
  8. Publish more writing/articles about the environment
  9. Educate myself more and more

The earth is just so insanely important. We should be actively, consciously living each day as if our lives depending on whether the planet thrives or not… because OUR LIVES DO DEPEND ON THIS! Make it a part of your everyday life. Make tiny efforts to change your habits. Take shorter showers, use less plastic, walk somewhere if you can, consume less materials… super easy stuff. We can do this, friends!!! Happy Earth Day!

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