Small Town Colorado: Buena Vista, CO

One of the parts of Colorado that I’m enjoying the most is how every town kinda feels like a small town.

While there are certainly some considerably populated areas – it’s not like I’m living in like, Wyoming – every region is typically surrounded by open lands, tons and tons of cows, and big skies. Which makes them all seem pretty tiny and cute and endearing. And of course, there are actual tiny towns around the state, and they are particularly cute and endearing.

Next up is Buena Vista! This tiny, scenic town is basically square in the middle of Colorado and stole our hearts almost instantly. I mean, its name is Buena Vista… it translates, literally, to ‘good view’. IT HAS SOME GOOD VIEWS, ALRIGHT! We were on our way to New Mexico in fall, the sun was warm and shining, and all the trees were bursting with color. Very ideal situation.

Buena Vista is not a mountain town, but rather a town sandwiched between 2 mountain ranges – some of the Collegiate Peaks (Mt. Harvard, Mt. Yale, etc… no Mt. Penn State, weirdly?) are to the west, while some not-so-elevated mountains are to the east. The town itself is cute as a button, with a picturesque downtown and colorful houses and fall foliage!!! I had a good time getting coffee and exploring a bit. 

Til next time, Buena Vista!

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