10 songs I loved in April

Not so much of a playlist this month! Mainly because I was away for a good chunk of April, and secondly because I kinda got hooked on a few of these songs and they were all I wanted to listen to. So I thought I’d share the 10 songs I listened to nonstop in April – the best of the best!

1. Can I Sit Next to You – Spoon

Just a neat song.

2. Easy As All That – Miniature Tigers

I’ve been a fan of Miniature Tigers for a bit, but this song came back to me in a playlist and it’s just so silly and I love his high pitched voice.

3. Oh Devil – Electric Guest

I loooooooove Electric Guest mayn. This one gets me up and dancing on the reg.

4. Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

Like. Duh.

5. Could Be You – Allah-Las

Never heard of this band before! They’ve got a lot of great songs that give me a lot of ’60s, rough-around-the-edges, Black-Lips vibes. Could Be You is my favorite at the moment.

6. Come Home – CHAPPO

Another new band. This song just reminds me of something that would play during a ’80s-themed movie’s fun montage scene. ~MY AH-POD~

7. Shaky Ground – Freedom Fry

Catchy affffff. All u need to know.

8. Boyfriend – Walk the Moon

I miss Walk the Moon!!! I was listening to a random playlist and was like, ‘hmm this sounds like Walk the Moon and I really dig it.’ Then I looked and it was Walk the Moon and I do really dig it.

9. Circadian Rhythm – Silversun Pickups

Love this tune. I wouldn’t really call myself a Silversun Pickups fan, but this one song really jumps out at me.

10. Lights Out – Santigold

I’ve been getting really into Santigold and specifically her 2008 self-titled album. I love her weird indie rock/electro sound.

Listen here!


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