Bryce Canyon National Park deserves the world and more

Bryce, Bryce, Bryce. You SLY dog. When people think about Utah national parks – Arches.. Zion… those are the big ones that come to mind. But… BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK IS THERE WAITING FOR THOSE WHO DARE. Ok maybe a bit dramatic.

Bryce Canyon is less than an hour and half from Zion, and it’s actually usually paired with Zion despite not having the same recognition. But this park definitely deserves the recognition and more:

Whether you’re on the rim of the canyon or hiking down into it – you’re going to get amazing views. We visited in early April, and it was a warm, early spring day. But you could tell, snow storms were not done for the season. Some snow was lurking in the shadows of the park, and as we climbed to the higher viewpoints, we had to put on extra layers.

Kristen and I were very confused about some of the luxuries in the park, actually. There was free wifi… so… right off the bat, way fancier than other NPs. The Bryce Canyon Lodge was a massive cabin palace dream land. There were rentable little cottages right off the rim of the canyon. We must have remarked how fancy it was 10-15 times.

But really- the canyon itself is remarkable and natural and makes you forget all the amenities nearby. Bryce Canyon is a huge canyon full of orange and red and white and blue and even some green, and the park provides some insane views of this canyon for about.. 20 miles or so. We were there from midday Saturday until midday Sunday, so we spent our first day going on a scenic afternoon drive and stopping at some of the overlooks and views. Bright and early (and cold) on Sunday, we did the famous Queen’s Garden Trail to the Navajo Loop.

I had little expectations for Bryce Canyon: I was excited to see it of course, but my excitement hid in the shadows of the other parks on our itinerary. But after seeing it, I can say BCNP is absolutely breathtaking and deserves its own acknowledgement. SO SO SO beautiful and the perfect kickoff to our 9 day trip.  Next, we were off to Zion!

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