San Diego: Dia Dos!

As previously blogged, I went to San Diego in March of 2016. And it was a blast. So much of a blast that I took a million photos and have to split my posts up by day. To see adventures in Balboa Park, Cabrillo National Monument, and San Diego’s beaches and cliffs, head on over to my Day 1 post.

On our second day, Alicia was excited to take us to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market – and rightfully so. This is a MARKET OF FARMERS for suuuuure.

Sadly after a little coffee stop and some wandering, we had to drop Gemma off at the airport. Afterwards, Alicia and I went to the USS Midway, that famous kissing statue, and Seaport Village.

In the afternoon, we crossed over the San Diego bay to Coronado Island!!! This is what they talk about when they talk about cool islands right off the coast of mainlands. You know, when that is talked about. #dream #island

Finally, we head over to La Jolla and those freaky sea lions for sunset. Finished the night at Ballast Point Brewing. A really solid day in San Diego.

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