A week at home 

I was going to share some posts this past week while I was at home, but I was honestly just having too much fun and being busy seeing my friends and family to post anything. And I’m ok with that.

For now, I want to share my time at home. I was only home for about 9 days, but I got to see just about everyone I love and do a lot of very fun things. My first thought was a longer post, writing more about my feelings and what not – but I’ll save that for later. Here are my photos.

Spent a lot of time with these two hooligans this week. Here’s our Mother’s Day brunch (father took both):

Strolled around Bryn Athyn Cathedral:

Saw baby goats and enjoyed lunch at Be Well Cafe:

Got drinks at the Drake and went to a cutesy spring outdoor concert:

Did Keswick things (not pictured, but heavily attended- the KT):

Frolicked about at Frankford Hall and had to convince certain someones to not open a random box on the street:

Ate very Philly food:


And finally, got some lit sushi and ate cheesecake to wrap up my birthday celebrations and the week!:

I miss everyone already. See you soon.


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