A few songs from May

It’s the beginning of the month, so it’s time to share my monthly playlist! I don’t know if it’s been properly expressed yet so I will say it: I love music very much. New bands and releases, old songs that my parents love, nostalgic music that are from all parts of my life, groups that I feel a personal connection to… I am into it allllllllllll.

So I compiled all the songs that meant something to me in the month of May. This is actually really fun because when I listen to the playlist, hearing each song reminds me of what I was doing when I decided to add it or why it stuck out to me!

I’m kinda into the shorter playlist thing at the moment. Did that last month with just 10 songs I really loved – this month has a bit more, but it’s still only 15 songs. And 15 GOOD songs. Some highlights…

1. Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos

Guys. I’m really into Migos. Am I late to the Migos train? Early? Just on time? I heard this song on the radio during my drive from San Francisco to Yosemite, immediately found it on Spotify, and listened to it for an hour and a half straight.

2. Malibu – Miley Cyrus

WHO ELSE IS HERE FOR NEW MILEY!!!!! I gave Bangerz a listen once or twice and it wasn’t for me… but I am completely hooked on this song. Surprisingly good for a workout, too. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album.

3. ’39 – Queen

My favorite Queen song. Queen is one of my most beloved bands, but please do not put Bohemian Rhapsody on ugh ew. This song is the perfect mix of theatrical with classic rock sounds.

4. High – Sir Sly

Shout out to Jimmy for showing me this sooooong I can’t stop listening and Sir Sly is apparently very up and coming!!!

5. Humming – Turnover

Always (sometimes) down for a love song. It’s catchy and echo-y and haunting and sweet and has adorable lyrics.

6. Back of the Car – RAC

Great example of the whole ‘remembering what I doing when I hear each song’ – I heard this song when I was hanging out with some friends from home/new friends in Denver at the end of May. And it’s just the cutest most summer-y freeing song I’ve heard in a bit!

7. Good Together – Honne

Same as #7 on last month’s playlist: Catchy affffff. All u need to know.

8. Goodbye Soleil – Phoenix

Yo. I miss Phoenix and being really into them. Listening to their new song reminds me of how much of my teenage years were spent listening to Phoenix songs. They are coming to Red Rocks tomorrow and I desperately wish I was going.

Listen to these songs and a few others from May:


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