I’m back!

I’m back on the interweb, WATCH OUT! I took roughly 6 weeks off to gather my thoughts, ideas, and intentions. I felt like I was getting a tad rushed/hurried through the posts, which is not what I consider a good time.

I wanted to take some time off to:

    1.  Make sure I was posting and writing with a great deal of intentionality – not just to get stuff up.
    2.  Create some goals for the blog and have a stronger sense of self in my posts.
    3.  Pay better attention to the other categories I want to write about, not just explore
    4.  A new theme for the blog – always a work in progress, but I needed a cleaner look.

Things I’m going to do now:

  1.  Post 2-3 times a month with explore, while posting 1-2 times a month for be lame, 1 time a month for listen, and 1-2 times a month for sustain. This might not be how I do it forever, but for now I think it’s good for me – it’ll get me in a routine to post in all sections!
  2.  New header – chhhheck it out! (I’m redoing this all the time. But I like this one)
  3.  Get other people involved –  I want to ask some people to be interviewed, and have more of a social feel to the blog. Interviewing people I love that I think fit into the idea of weirdness/uniqueness/being yourself will do that quite well, I think! Also working on some music playlist collabs!
  4. More on sustain – this means so much to me, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to it. The environment is so important, sustainability is all I care about. And I really want to use my blog as an outlet to spread sustainable behavior and tips. So I’ll be doing some reviews on ‘green things’ – more to come!
  5. I also want to make sure I use this as a writing outlet. One of my biggest goals, but somehow I can’t always get there. Does anyone else desperately want to write, but never seems to make it a priority?? I feel like an insane person for that. To combat that, I want to to start a small series called “Some things I:” where I just get things off my chest, in category form. This should be fun.

If you’ve been here since last year, or this is the first time you’ve been on the blog, or somewhere in between – thanks for reading! It means a lot. This is being lamey in all its glory.

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