Roadside sunset in Arizona

Back in April, Kristen and I were embarking on a 10 day trip around the Southwest. On our way from Zion National Park to the Grand Canyon, we drove a few hours into Arizona during a beautiful sunset.

The timing worked out great: just as we crossed over the Arizona border, the sun was setting as the moon came up behind some INTENSE Arizona landscapes.

Of course the beauty can never be captured quite like I want, but the soft colors and wildness around us was something that really stuck with me. And the moon?? COME ON! Thank you, universe. Snapped these shots when we pulled over to take pictures with the state sign (super puny, by the way). It was certainly a warm welcome as I entered Arizona for the first time!

In front of the moon is the southwest section of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, home to Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, and many other areas of wild, raw prettiness and nature.

bye Utah!

I cannot and will not ever get over the American Southwest.

We rested and showered after 3 nights camping in the wildnerness, and the next morning we stopped at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona. Then off to Grand Canyon National Park!

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