Some things I: missed about home

I want to make sure I use lameyland as a writing outlet. I struggle to get pen to paper (figuratively) so to combat that, I want to to start a small series called “Some things I:” where I just get things off my chest, in category form.

Some things I: missed about home

  1. Eating pizza on friday nights with my family
  2. Going to the KT (duh)
  3. Day trips to the shore
  4. Teeny evening walks through some of montco’s parks
  5. Soft. Pret. Zels.
  6. Playing cards with my friends (either I didn’t find them or people in Colorado don’t like cards that much…)
  7. Adventures through Wissahickon and its subsidiary trails
  8. Walking down my street to get Rita’s in the summer
  9. Running into people I know at Target
  10. Running into people I know… anywhere.
  11. Catching up with pals at the Keswick Diner
  12. Comfort and familiarity – it’s weird how you sometimes miss what you used to be annoyed with
  13. Subway rides to sixers/phillies games
  14. My friends and our weird fun heartwarming suburb antics
  15. Rides through Pennypack Park Trail

I’m home! It’s been really wonderful to move away and have an opportunity to realize all the great places about your hometown. No matter how short or long I’ll be away, I love coming back to good ol’ Glenside and the Philadelphia area.

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