End of summer reflection

I found this reflection survey from a coworker, and I thought it was actually pretty cool. Remember facebook notes and how we would do random surveys? This is kinda like that!!! I know it’s kind of corny… but I think it’s pretty important to reflect on moments, time periods, events that happen in your life.

That’s sort of what I’m doing with the ‘some things i’ segment, and I liked these questions. I like to look back to see how my summer went and what I’d like to do more/less/never again. So big thanks to my coworker. Here we go!

21 Questions for an End of Summer Reflection

  1. Did you spend time in the sun?

HELL YEAH! In fact I was at a wedding this weekend and tons of people told me I looked tan 😀 My favorite compliment. I spent many weekends in the mountains and tons of time by the pool. Daaaang I wish summer wasn’t leaving.

  1. Did you read more?

First half of the summer I was a reading fiend. I was averaging about 3 books a month! Since moving and coming home this has derailed a bit… gotta swing back into some cozy fall reading.

  1. Did you write more?

… sore subject. I’m working on it. It’s mostly all up in my head.

  1. Did you take pictures of beautiful things?

One of my favorite parts of seeing beautiful things – taking pictures of beautiful things. Finding creative ways to capture landscapes, buildings, people, plants… it’s my favorite. I did it a lot this summer, at places like Great Sand Dunes National Park, Lake Tahoe, Grand Tetons, and all over Colorado (which are all posts coming soon!).

  1. Did you grow in your skills and passions?

It was a big part of my summer. I continued to grow in my passions on environmental learning and education, traveling to new parts of our country (specifically parks), and this blog! All a continuous work in progress.

  1. Did you challenge yourself?

I spent the first half of the summer finishing a REALLY TOUGH circuit exercise program and pushed myself to do it all! I also challenged myself to vulnerability and being open with my move decisions, so I think that’s cool.

  1. Did you stay up until 4 a.m. talking with your best friends?

One time. I was frickin’ exhausted after.

  1. Did you make a new friend or friends?

I think so. At the very least, I feel reunited with a lot of old friends and the connections feel extra important to me.

  1. Did you travel? Even if it was just to somewhere else in your state?

Naaaah I don’t really like travel very much

  1. Did you cook or bake something really delicious?

If I could change one thing about myself, it would probably be that I’m like.. really into cooking. Or maybe even just kind of into cooking. I am zero parts into cooking. And I cook/bake almost NOTHING. Last week I made eggs and I realized it was the first time in like a month that I had prepared food for myself. I’m pathetic.

  1. Did you go for walks?

Walks, hikes, strolls, rides, drives. I love them so much and tried to get them into my every day life a lot this summer.

  1. Did you tell someone you loved them?

I told a few people, and I really really do love them. My friends and my family are special people.

  1. Did you visit with your grandparents?

Ugh sadly no. If I had the chance I would have spent time with them this past weekend, but it didn’t work out. I have strong intentions to see them this month! I love them.

  1. Did you cry while reading a good book or watching a movie?

I cry literally every time I see someone else crying. Especially in movies. I don’t really cry during books actually… even though one of my favorite book genres is ‘sad’. BUT: The Glass Castle got me close. The heartwarming sadness seems contradictory but it’s real.

  1. Did you go to any concerts?

UHHHH YEAH! Dead and Company, Saint Motel, Ryan Adams… along with some fantastic local festival concerts. Is that it? Maybe not. But all amazing shows.

  1. Did you take care of your physical health? What about your mental health?

As previously mentioned I DID complete the BBG circuit program!!! I am so proud of myself for that. I went hiking, biking, and walking all over this summer. Things have trailed off in the last month… but I’m excited to get back into it for fall. My mental health is ok… I think! (?)

  1. Did you hug someone you missed?

A great part of moving away is coming home after a year and getting great hugs. 

  1. Did you smile and laugh daily?

Duh. Mainly because of Seinfeld.

  1. Did you develop a new hobby?

Hmmm. Does Instagram Stories count as a hobby?

  1. Did you spend some time alone?

Not just this summer! I love being alone!

  1. Did you make the most out of every opportunity?

Seems like a weird question, survey. Can someone TRULY make the most out of every opportunity? Isn’t that super subjective? How can you even tell if you’re making the most of it?

Anyway… this was fun. Maybe do this for yourself in the last few days of the season to reflect on what was probably a dope ass summer. 

RIP summer 2017. 

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