Do you remember?


Well you should, since it’s TONIGHT. Fun fact: September by Earth, Wind and Fire is not only of my favorite songs… of…. ALL.. TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also just one of the best songs ever created ok byyyyyyyye.

Tonight is the 21st night of September. In celebration, I want discuss funk/dance/disco music. It is so important. It deserves more attention and love. In case you didn’t know… I love dancing. Always have and probably always will until my hips stop working. Back in the day, Devyn and I were the first ones on the dance floor at all the school dances. These days, I am the usually first (and last one) on the dance floor at any wedding I attend. I dance every day in my car. I dance very often around in my room like an idiot. And I don’t care that I look like an idiot because I really just love it. So I’ll continue to embarrass myself til the daaaaay I diiiiiiiie. And funky disco is my favorite to dance to.

The sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool & the Gang, Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder, the Emotions, KC & the Sunshine Band, Aretha Franklin… they bring SO much joy to people. Let’s remember them forever, guys.

As remembrance for this special day, I’m sharing some music videos that you should be watching/listening to. You’re welcome. I hope this brings some happiness and dancing into your day.

September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Funkytown – Lipps, Inc.

Twist & Shout – The Beatles

Think – Aretha Franklin (especially good ft. the Blues Brothers dancing)

Super Freak – Rick James

Celebration – Kool & the Gang

If you’re like, WOW I need some more of this type of music, I’m feeling myself and kind of just wanna groove around my room right now, I gotchu:

Love was changing the minds of pretenders.


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