TTJ: a stroll in Sedona, Arizona

Welcome to my Teeny Travel Journal! My TTJ! I decided there are places around the world that I’ve visited and want to highlight, without any fluff. Just some snapshots of the city, park, town, region, whatever… without many words to clutter up the post. So it’s a travel journal… but a small one. Plus I really like the word teeny.

Sedona is neat. And so we went there. On our way from the Grand Canyon to Petrified Forest, we stayed in a hotel in SEDONA! We arrived around 2PM and had a delicious lunch, and then relaxed a bit before hiking around a wilderness area for sunset. See photos!:

Our time in Sedona was really way too short! I definitely have plans to come back and spend a week hiking all around Arizona. But for now it was a sweet little visit.

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