Small Town Colorado: Nederland, CO

Hi! I have a section of this blog called Small Town Colorado. Even though I don’t live there anymore, I still want to share some of the small towns I came across. They really were one of my favorite parts about Colorado.

Every Colorado town kinda feels like a small town to me. While there are certainly some considerably populated areas, every region is typically surrounded by open lands, tons and tons of cows, and big skies. Which makes them all seem pretty tiny and cute and endearing. And of course, there are actual tiny towns around the state, and they are particularly cute and endearing.

This one is all about Nederland, Colorado. Nederland is tucked away just a few miles into the foothills – about 30 minutes into Boulder Canyon.

Nederland is very cute. It’s a quintessential mountain town that feels like a gateway to the giant peaks, amazing overlooks, scenic drives, and tons of effin’ pine trees. I first experienced Nederland on our way to a Black Friday hike to Lost Lake, and I loved driving through its picture perfect town square. On our way back, we stopped for coffee at Happy Trails Cafe. CLASSIC Nederland name.

It’s got the hippie vibe Boulder has, but without the pretentious bike shops and college kids. It’s just really cute. During my year, I visited a few times for coffee or a small stroll.

Also fun tidbit: the name comes from the Mining Company Nederland from Holland! It’s a translation of the Netherlands. It’s a pretty cool history if you want to read.

The most CO poster a poster can be.

^ That’s funny and you cannot deny it. Stop by Nederland, Colorado if you’re ever nearby.

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