Halloween Throwbacks

Halloween is so endearing to me this year. It’s made me so happy to see everyone dressing up and putting in the effort to be silly and not take themselves too seriously. Especially with the messiness of the world these days… it’s been a nice break the last few days.

Plus costumes are fun as heck. So I thought I’d share some costumes from throughout the years on the ol’ blog.

Young bulls with the pjs under the costume (idk the years for these)

The year Kristen copied me and decided to be a witch too.

Jimmy is a NUB

2004: Jul was adorable and funny as grapes. I was a man as an Eagles fan.

2005: I still remember how effin’ warm that baby was.

Let’s jump to college because I don’t think halloween happened for me in high school?

Sophomore year: a hipster barista in honor of my coffee shop days

Junior year: sexy maid am I RIGHT????

Senior year: the year of many costumes

Social butterflies with roommates!!!!

I bought a peach in case people didn’t get it? I guess?

2015: ice creeeeeeaaaammmmm

Image may contain: 3 people, indoor
AND 2017! DW and a national park ranger!!!!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shorts and hat

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