Some things I: miss about Colorado

I want to make sure I use lameyland as a writing outlet. I struggle to get pen to paper (figuratively) so to combat that, I want to to start a small series called “Some things I:” where I just get things off my chest, in category form. So.

It’s inevitable that I was going to miss Colorado. I spent a year in the dear Centennial State and I really came to hold it very close to my heart. While I felt like it was time to depart after a year, there were parts I REALLY loved and can one thousand million percent see myself spending more time in CO down the road.

There’s something weird about Colorado. I grew up thinking it was by California because I’m ignorant and wasn’t blessed with a lot of western travel in my young life. I think a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the western US think this too. Kristen and I have talked about this – we just didn’t really… think about Colorado that much. It was a state that was over near the other coast that was always covered in snow. But it is….not like that. At all.

First off, it’s basically the middle of the country, NOT on the west coast. Second, it has 4 seasons (with very extensive summer sometimes) and it snows a great deal IN the mountains, but not where most people live. AKA the Front Range. Did you know Denver and Boulder and Fort Collins are not in the mountains, but in the foothills right where the Rocky Mountains start? I didn’t know this for awhile. Also, about 1/3 of the state (the eastern side) is an actual plain. So, the actual opposite of mountains. People don’t really live there, though. But I thought that worth sharing.

Anyway, I just think it’s funky how different Colorado is from what many people (including past me) think it is. But what CO really really really is: insanely BEAUTIFUL. There’s a reason people are flocking there to live, why you see so many vacations there, etc. It does not disappoint and it always lives up to the hype. It’s kind of odd.

So let me get to my list, since that’s the point of this second segment to Some Things I. Without further adooooooooo – Some Things I: miss/will miss about Colorado.

  1. The mountains. An all encompassing answer but at the same time means 100 different things and doesn’t cover anything.
  2. Boulder, CO! Your roommate BACK IN BOULDER!!!! I love Boulder so much and its quaintness and its perfectness and its pretentiousness and it all.
  3. Pine trees
  4. Aspen trees
  6. Finding new teeny mountain towns
  7. Looking out my bedroom window and seeing Long’s Peak staring back at me
  8. How close it is to Utah </3
  9. Having beer in gas stations
  10. Driving up 70 into the mountains in the right lane bc my car cannot handle hills well
  11. The national parks… there are 4 funky NPs in CO, and while I enjoyed them all,
  12. ROCKY
  15. PARK
    (It literally deserves 4 bulletpoints.)
  16. Going through Glenwood Canyon and smelling those HOT SPRINGZZZ
  17. Ziggi’s coooooffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Living across from a big lake/park with wild views and a great trail
  19. Left Hand Brewing Company!!!! I miss u so much (and the other bundles of tiny cute breweries)
  20. I worked at a daycare during my year there, and I REALLY miss those babies.
  21. Boulder Creek Bike Path
  22. Getting up at 6am for explorin’

Like I said, I knew it was inevitable that I was going to miss Colorado. I didn’t miss it right away, but as time slowly passes, I start to ache for certain parts of my year in CO. It felt like a tiny little private pocket of my life, where I explored and wandered and learned. I did so much in the year in Colorado that it’s kind of hard to reflect back on, but I have been doing so a little bit lately. While I’m happy in Pennsylvania for now, I want to take the parts I loved about CO and continue to pursue them and keep exploring this weird planet.

This isn’t all I’ll miss and I’ll continue to share my memories and these thoughts in my explore posts to come. Just wanted to take a moment after 3 months away to get a little write-y about my beloved Colorado.


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