Autumn sounds playlist

At this point in my life I am just making seasonal playlists and listening to mainly them… and only them. I kind of did that with my monthly playlists in the past, but I guess that didn’t give me as much time to soak the songs in and really get to know them. Become friends. Ya know? So here’s my latest, Autumn Sounds playlist.

This one is less ~vibey~ than the summer one, due to the fact that fall is not really a vibey time. It’s more earthy and seasoned and moody. It’s snug and  sad sometimes and darker. So that’s the way my music listening goes, too. There are some old songs I’ve known for awhile, some popular new releases, and a bunch of stuff I just stumbled upon.

I especially love my featured songs by Grizzly Bear, Glass Animals, Maroon 5 & SZA (this song goooooeeeeeessss), Beck, and Street Joy.


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