Opting Outside this Black Friday

Last year in Colorado, Kristen and I decided to avoid any Black Friday messiness and go to the mountains. Not that we previously had many shopping outings, but it felt really great to  me to decidedly choose to join the #OptOutside movement and say no to insane consumerism.

So we got up early and drove to Nederland, the magical mountain town. We heard great things about the hike to Lost Lake, so that’s where we did! We had a tough time finding the trailhead, which feels way too appropriate for a LOST Lake trail. But once we found it, the hike was super – a snow covered, beautiful climb up to a frozen lake.

The whole experience felt really good and calming, so I wanted to do it again this year. SO I invited Kristen and my best friend Devyn to take a 2 day trip down to the closest national park to us, Shenandoah National Park!

stretch to get the angle !!!

More pictures from our trip will come in a later post, but I wanted to share about opting outside this past Black Friday. Shopping, sales, rushing to stores at 5 am to get a half priced tv will just never be worth it to me. The happiness and internal calmness I feel when I go to a national park, forest, etc… it can never be found in any material item, no matter how on sale it is.

And if you’re looking to participate in any of these crazy named days this week… Giving Tuesday is the best one. Here are some of my favorite organizations that I’m donating to today:
National Forest Foundation — matching all donations today!
Natural Resources Defense Council — matching all donations today!
Planned Parenthood — v v v important
Human Rights Campaign — 3 cool ways to strengthen your donations^ West Elm is donating 100% of profits from their Love is Love series today.
Fairmount Park Conservancy — local!

That’s all. I hope your Black Friday was happy and your Giving Tuesday is generous.

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