San Francisco Botanical Garden

A few months ago, I combined a trip to Yosemite and San Francisco. I posted some snapshots of the two days in San Francisco here back in May! And I shared some photos of my time in Yosemite here!

What I didn’t share yet is my excessive photos of flowers from our trip to the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit new (or old!) cities is go to their botanic gardens — they’re all so wonderful and unique, and are the perfect activity to see some beauty in a new space. I have made it very obvious that one of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures of flowers, so these jawns really do it for me.

This park was especially beautiful, it really blew me and Kevin away. It was huge! And it’s located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, which you need about 3 days to fully explore, but it was great to get a snippet of that gorgeous area of the city. For now, a few hours in the gardens were pretty swell.

I mean…? Little babies peacefully playing in a huge field, others leisurely reading or laying about. What could be a better scene?

Maybe these old lady best friends wandering the park together.

Whole lotta flowers.

I’ve also posted about the few gardens I’ve visited: the US Botanic Garden in Washington DC, Longwood Gardens in Philly, Balboa Park in San Diego, and Denver Botanic Garden in CO. Hopefully I can add more to the list soon!

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