Fall foliage bicycle ride

Because it’s the winter solstice today, and because my blog has no particularly strong chronological order at the moment, I thought I would share some memories of an especially fall-foliage-filled bike ride.

I almost named this blog ‘Fall Foliage on the Winter Solstice’ but I figured I shouldn’t time stamp myself SO much. But just know that’s basically the theme of this post. A lot of fall right as it’s becoming winter.

hello oliver

Working from home occasionally has its perks, and one of them is when it’s a nice day in autumn, you can jump on your bike for a late lunch break and ride through the cemetery to take some photographs. So that’s what I did towards the end of October this year (and a few other times this fall!)

You may be thinking it’s hard work to look so much like a boy, but it comes surprisingly easy for me. What IS hard work: taking a selfie on a DSLR.

I actually went pretty wild with the camera since the colors were just INSANE. Also I had to pause and lay in the grass a few times because the mid afternoon sunlight and the cool breeze that complimented the crisp air and the warmth from the strong sun so well… they were all too perfect for me to handle. These moments of weather perfection are one of the best parts of all human existence. I think.

I miss fall already, except not the November dark cold part. I mainly miss fall because it’s closer to summer and spring that I am right now. But also because of the color exploions. Here’s to ummm… a speedy winter? Happy shortest day of the year!

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