My version of self care

The term ‘self care’ is so corny to me, but at the same time… what else would you call it? You’re taking care of yourself; paying attention to yourself, giving yourself confidence and love, and making time to treat yourself. That’s care, baby. And I’ve really embraced the idea of it in the last few months weeks. I wish it was months, but I guess it took awhile for the idea I’ve been hearing forever to stick with me.

please enjoy my feeble attempt to bring in a visual component to self care

I’ve taken some time to think about what self care means to me and how I can better care for myself. Truthfully I don’t think I was doing it at all since I’ve moved back from Colorado- I was so focused on the move back, then I was so focused on having fun and reconnecting with those I hadn’t seen for a year. And then in the last month or so I realized I wasn’t really paying attention to myself or doing that many things that were good for me.

And thus, the self care began.

I’ve been more in tune with things that are good for me, and focusing my time and energy on health and happiness and improvement. Sooo… it is pretty corny. But I don’t really mind.

My self care isn’t all face masks and lighting candles (but it is some that).

To me, self care is:
– Reading instead of watching more tv at night
– Drinking water water water and water
– Better shampoo and conditioner
– Actually eating healthy instead of saying I’m going to but then getting Taco Bell
– Setting up a strong morning and night skin care routine
– Going on more solo dates because I love me.
– Making intentions and goals – daily, weekly, and monthly
– Setting boundaries, recognizing personal limits, and saying no to things that aren’t healthy for me, even when it gives me mad fomo
– Educating myself with podcast and online classes
– Investing money and energy on beauty products to make me feel and look better
– Focusing on my blog (an internal goal…)
– Breaks from alcohol
– Unsubscribing from so many junk email lists to remove the stress of 100 emails a day
– Moving my body every day and getting exercise 4-5x a week
– Monthly healthy challenges – January was no alcohol and a Whole30, and I’ll be doing a yoga every day challenge for February!
– Spending meaningful time with people I love!!!
– More walks and hikes and bike rides
– Getting my brain words out and turning them into them written words (see: right now in this post)
– Investigating new music out of my normal listening genres
– Buying cozy sweaters that I feel good in
– Face masks 😉

It’s always a work in progress, but self care has taken over my life so far in 2018 and I’m not mad about it at all.

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