Mushy Galentine’s Day post

This is hard to admit but…. I love my friends.

I’m not a sappy, talk-about-how-much-i-love-you, huggy, overly emotional type of lady. Which kinda stinks, because I’m afraid it comes off as me not liking people as much as I do. But I really really really love my friends, specifically (for today) my gal friends. I swear to God, there are some people that I think about and my heart swells. I honestly feel my heart in my chest swelling. Hopefully not a medical issue?

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A Coloradan Thanksgiving

Seeing as this was my first Thanksgiving away from home (ever!??!?), I thought I would share how we participated in the festivities this year. A trip to Utah was in the plans and was helping me avoid thinking about being sad and missing home and my family. After that was canceled, I started to feel some very real feelings of FOMO. But we decided to make the best of the long weekend, and I think we were successful!!!!

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