October’s sounds

It’s November 1, so it’s time to share my first monthly playlist! I don’t know if it’s been properly expressed yet so I will say it: I love music very much. New bands and releases, old songs that my parents love, nostalgic music that are from all parts of my life, groups that I feel a personal connection to… I am into it allllllllllll.

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The other side… Grand Lake, CO!

Since moving to Colorado, things have been kind of hectic. I guess it comes with the territory of moving across the country, not having a home once you arrive out there, a car accident, figuring out two new job arrangements… ya know, small stuff. BUT! I moved to Colorado to go on adventures, so the first weekend after we got into our new apartment, Kristen (dear sister, owner of Skyward Eyes, general kookball) and I decided to go on a darn adventure.

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