7 easy things to do to help Mother Earth

I haven’t posted much in the Sustain realm yet. I think I’m a little self conscious about it- I don’t want to be this annoying green hippie who shoves climate change down people’s throats. But after the 2016 election, I know there is very serious threat to our environment (even more than before). So I think I’m just going to get really annoying about it.

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A Coloradan Thanksgiving

Seeing as this was my first Thanksgiving away from home (ever!??!?), I thought I would share how we participated in the festivities this year. A trip to Utah was in the plans and was helping me avoid thinking about being sad and missing home and my family. After that was canceled, I started to feel some very real feelings of FOMO. But we decided to make the best of the long weekend, and I think we were successful!!!!

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A mouthful of a national park: BCGNP

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. That’s probably the wordiest of national parks. Black Canyon of the Gunnison is also given the award of having the 13th fewest visitors each year. Only 183,045 visited in 2014, vs. 10,099,276 to the most visited (Great Smoky Mountains).

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My soul’s albums

There is something exceptionally magical about an album you can listen to start to finish, no skips. I have certain albums that have followed me no matter where I go in my music-listening journeys. You know what I mean right? There are just some cds that you will never get over and you can just listen to over and over and over. Some of them are just unquestionably GREAT ALBUMS, while some are more speaking-to-my-soul type albums, but you can decide which is which if you listen to them all.

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Mount Rainier National Park!

After 2 visits and a whole lot of convincing, I finally got to Mount Rainier National Park. I had hoped to go during my March visit to Seattle, but bad weather stopped us from going. This time around, I made sure it was happening!!!! Despite some doubts about roads being open/the weather holding out, we trekked to the park early Saturday morning. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous, even that morning, that something was going to go wrong.

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The Emerald City, Round 2

I cannot say enough good things about Seattle. It is creeping towards the top of my list of favorite places to go. It’s just a neat city; relaxed enough but still very metropolitan, weather is just my speed (it’s not THAT rainy), tons of culture and interesting history and fun things to do… just a cool cool coooooool place.

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A few hours in Albuquerque

As mentioned in a previous balloon-focused post, my sister and I had to rearrange and changed our plans in New Mexico. We originally wanted to stay at balloon festival all day, but after some poor weather and a closer look at the day’s schedule, it didn’t seem promising. So instead, we spent exploring the city of Albuquerque!

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