Snapshots from San Francisco

I’m going rogue! Normally I like to post in chronological order, but I just am excited about my San Francisco trip and want to share some pictures!
Of course I’ll probably come back to this trip once I get there in my timely order, but for now- enjoy!

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San Diego: Dia Dos!

As previously blogged, I went to San Diego in March of 2016. And it was a blast. So much of a blast that I took a million photos and have to split my posts up by day. To see adventures in Balboa Park, Cabrillo National Monument, and San Diego’s beaches and cliffs, head on over to my Day 1 post.

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Bryce Canyon National Park deserves the world and more

Bryce, Bryce, Bryce. You SLY dog. When people think about Utah national parks – Arches.. Zion… those are the big ones that come to mind. But… BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK IS THERE WAITING FOR THOSE WHO DARE. Ok maybe a bit dramatic.

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San Diego: Day 1

Last March, I explored the west coast. My first stop was in San Diego- to see my roomroommate (double room because we shared a bedroom in addition to an apartment for 2 YEARS!) Alicia, as well as my other fabulous roommate Gemma. Alicia moved there for grad school in fall of 2015 and I obviously needed to visit.

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Small Town Colorado: Buena Vista, CO

One of the parts of Colorado that I’m enjoying the most is how every town kinda feels like a small town.

While there are certainly some considerably populated areas – it’s not like I’m living in like, Wyoming – every region is typically surrounded by open lands, tons and tons of cows, and big skies. Which makes them all seem pretty tiny and cute and endearing. And of course, there are actual tiny towns around the state, and they are particularly cute and endearing. Continue reading “Small Town Colorado: Buena Vista, CO”

TTJ: Channel Islands National Park

Welcome to my Teeny Travel Journal! My TTJ! I decided there are places around the world that I’ve visited and want to highlight, without any fluff. Just some snapshots of the city, park, town, region, whatever… without many words to clutter up the post. So it’s a travel journal… but a small one. Plus I really like the word teeny.

Channel Islands. The national park on an island off the coast near Los Angeles. AKA a complete oasis off of a crazy, overpopulated metropolis. See some photos: Continue reading “TTJ: Channel Islands National Park”

Capitol Reef National Park: a secluded gem

I was anxious about going to Capitol Reef. It was a bit risky: Arches and Canyonlands are around the corner from each other, while Capitol Reef is getting pretty deep into Utah. So after the first two, we didn’t really know what this third park was going to give us after a 3 hour drive further from our home. The weather was calling for a wintry rain/snow mix, after a night of cold rain already. So I was definitely nervous about the fate of the rest of our trip.

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