TBT: the City of Angels

In honor of going to Los Angeles tomorrow, I’m throwing it back to my visit last year! Weirdly enough, I’ve been to LA 2 other times, and they’ve been both been in March. I guess I’m destined to only go to Southern California in the third month of the year.

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DC’s Monuments & Memorials

As previously mentioned, the adoration I have for Washington DC is immeasurable. For my third post in the DC series (see my ode to DC and my post about DC museums), I’m sharing some love for the monuments and memorials, of course. They’re dedicated to some cool dudes in my opinion. Next to-do for DC: create a memorial dedicated to a girl. But for now, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the White House, Jefferson Memorial, WW2 Memorial, amongst others, will have to do.

Anyway. Just a few pictures from my most recent trip in December I wanted to share.

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Small Town Colorado: Leadville, CO

One of the parts of Colorado that I’m enjoying the most is how every town kinda feels like a small town.

While there are certainly some considerably populated areas – it’s not like I’m living in like, Wyoming – every region is typically surrounded by open lands, tons and tons of cows, and big skies. Which makes them all seem pretty tiny and cute and endearing. And of course, there are actual tiny towns around the state, and they are particularly cute and endearing.

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Welcome to my blog, lameyland!

The most important sentence in any article is the first one. If it doesn’t induce the reader to proceed to the second sentence, your article is dead.

So…. no pressure.

I read that somewhere. While googling how to make a blog. But honestly, if the reader is gone by now, I don’t care. My feelings are impermeable. Just kidding, I cry when Usher comes on the radio.


My name is Amy, but Lamey is preferred. It just sounds funny, doesn’t it? It started as a social media nickname and somehow came to life. I decided to start a blog, and I knoooow tons of people are doing it, but why does that mean I can’t?

So the blog is called lameyland, a land of all things Lamey. All things me. This is really all about me. I decided to go against what I’ve been doing for basically 23 years (holding in my emotions and ideas and deepest thoughts) and express all of my emotions and ideas and deepest thoughts. Ok, maybe not all the emotional stuff, but I want to share a lot of my thoughts, my pictures, my travels, my music interests, my ideas about living a green, sustainable life, and in general, how to live a life in the lamest way possible. And that’s a good thing.


Anyway, there’s going to be 4 main categories for the time being:
1. Explore
2. Sustain
3. Listen
4. Be Lame
They are the 4 areas I care about the most! I think what would work best is if I posted a small intro post about each section during the next week or so. Am I thinking out loud/into this post? Is that how you blog?

Photos sprinkled in to share what I look like. I think I picked some personable shots.

It’s all a work in progress, I’m definitely not prepared enough to start this, I’m never going to be prepared enough, I’m going to change everything, let’s just get going.