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Bryce Canyon National Park deserves the world and more

Bryce, Bryce, Bryce. You SLY dog. When people think about Utah national parks - Arches.. Zion... those are the big ones that come to mind. But... BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK IS THERE WAITING FOR THOSE WHO DARE. Ok maybe a bit dramatic. Bryce Canyon is less than an hour and half from Zion, and it's… Continue reading Bryce Canyon National Park deserves the world and more


Earth Day Thoughts

It’s Earth Day again! How great is it that it comes around every year? Today I went down to Boulder, and went to the Boulder March for Science rally (couldn’t find the actual march…), then supported some local businesses and farms at the Farmer’s Market! Going to plant my strawberries and lettuce plants in a… Continue reading Earth Day Thoughts

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TTJ: Channel Islands National Park

Welcome to my Teeny Travel Journal! My TTJ! I decided there are places around the world that I’ve visited and want to highlight, without any fluff. Just some snapshots of the city, park, town, region, whatever… without many words to clutter up the post. So it’s a travel journal… but a small one. Plus I… Continue reading TTJ: Channel Islands National Park